Life is a Threshold (Haiku)

Life is a threshold,
becoming, becoming, like
the expanse of stars

in a clear, cold night
sky, gateways to galaxies.
There's something about

light in the darkness,
pinpricks of white casting a
velvety glow. In

seasons of loss, black
and white world, waxing moon and
rising sun. Hold fast.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018

Prayer (Haibun)

Uneven, unsteady,
unbalanced, where is the  line between prayer and

I hope that line is on the side of protective bubbles of love energy surrounding you.

where is the line between praying for your safety, well-being, heart space, and sprinkling fairy dust into the air?
I don’t cry but if I did I would cry until there were no more tears
left to cry.

Prayer for freedom song,
love song, song of innocence,
song of joy, I pray
your desires include yourself, let you escape your past, let you close the gap between pain and contentment, fear and delight. I pray you find the threshold and cross it. I pray you see what you can become, the beloved child you are, and the love you have waiting for you.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018

End of Life Communication: Stories from the Dead Zone (excerpt)

Hello, friends,

I have taken a pause from writing poetry to finish a book manuscript. I just sent it to the publisher; you can be on the lookout for it to be released in the fall (End of Life Communication: Stories from the Dead Zone, co-authored with Dr. Jon Crane). In the meantime, to thank you for your patience as we finished the book and I now catch back up on writing poetry, here is an excerpt, from the closing chapter:

Blanket of Snow (haibun)

Blanket of snow, forced
pause, cocooned inside, winter
whitewash, frozen, fresh.

The morning lights through droplets of ice, let it lead you through white fire spaces of snow queens, snow angels of the dawn, pondering hearts. listening and watching, shoveling sleet and body awakening.

White sky, white-tipped trees,
white tail deer and feeding birds,
conditions improved.

Courage (haibun)

It takes courage to admit things are not as they should be,

reflections back, own
your own and release the rest,
your power, your voice.

the chill in the air and despair in your heart,
wisdom whispers in the wind,
holy mystery in the night.

Accept the slowness,
solitude thrust upon you.
holy pause and breath.


(originally posted 5/16/2018) Haibun Darkness comes in many forms these days and sometimes it's hard to see those pinpricks of light. Amid

the news reports of
mean-spirited conduct and
indifferent acts, how

did we come to this, I wonder, this time

of evil triumphs,
and my heart hurts, and worries.
I look for escape

from the feelings of helplessness, despair, wonder at how low human beings can go and at the impotence that overwhelms good people, at the pull to hate the haters and descend to their darkness, to close your eyes and pretend you don't hear the cries of the walking wounded.

How can you know this
and how can you love the this
you know, honor all

life, perhaps it is time to let the sun shine in the corners of darkness, light of love,

overwhelm the hate
with joyful exuberance
and courageous love.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018

Wonder in the Thaw

(Originally posted 3/25/2018)

And, too, there is wonder in the thaw-- the roads clearing just as restlessness sets in, bare branches emerging naked once again, standing taller and prouder than before, survivors all.

Shake off the child,
the magic turned muddy, and
re-enter your now

re-scheduled life.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018