Marys and Marthas Within

Opened her home,
opened her heart,
remain open to the yes that enters,
that wants to sit with you,
be with you.

Open to the possibility of what is,
the foreign,
people resistant and cold,
hurried and harassing,
right-brain thinkers and minds of reason.

Open the home of your heart
to embrace the Marthas in your self.
Love the do-be parts of you,
the needy parts uncomfortable with sitting still.

Every face here is part of me,
love them all.
Embrace us with wonder of how perfect all our parts are.
Embrace the importance of seeing, resting, loving,
all of yourself
in the world.

Sit still.
You might hear the voice of God speaking through the stranger in your midst,
the stranger within.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018


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