Time Triggers 2

Trigger memories of
scary days,
secrets pulling at my heart,
waves of shame and danger,
body memory of
fear I taste on my tongue
even today.
I recoil at the relentless wear on my soul
as nausea cramps the back of my throat and silences my voice.
I search for foundational portals of courage,
whispers of love in the present moment that pull me out of the darkness of my past,
strengthen me.
I reconsider who I am and attempt to revise my narrative even as I live it.
I awaken all the parts of me,
welcome them all,
even the terrified teen hiding out in the corner of my mind.
I know that worthiness emerges from the ground of beingness
and at this moment I am simply capable of comforting the girl I used to be.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018


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