Dance of the Moon

Originally Published 11/27/2017

Dance of the Moon

The round yellowish moon coquettishly winks from behind an inky gray cloud.
She is circled by moonbeams and a night sky hued purple and mauve.
The clouds around her form the shape of a giant black lizard--
inching away with purpose and clarity.

Your journey is complete here, now, move beyond the hope of yesterday's moon and the darkness of the night shadows.
Let go of the old starlight dreams.
She is left but not alone, bright and high,
a beacon afire with luminescent light.

Let the moon's light bathe you--
dance in her warmth, in the wild side of the moon,
dance to her invisible charms, dance in joy and possibility,
dance to witness, partake in your unfolding life.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2017


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