Lament of Injustice (Haibun)

Originally Posted 1/11/2018

Lament of Injustice (Haibun)

In the boxing ring of life, the haters just won a major decision, a low blow, sucker punch thrown, flurry of troubles distracting the attention, short count fight, can she recover, awful injustice, overlooked, underestimated, undervalued, unfairness eats at the gut, suffocating anger, this is so very wrong, abuse of power. Who is in charge of this world anyway?

Spirit of holy,
wisdom and word, love of the
ages, your children

aren't feeling it, bullied and blamed, evil proliferates in the guise of

self-righteous--greed, in-
justice, takers and haters,
liars and snakes. Please

protect your people, fight for the downtrodden, stepped upon, put down, shut out, paid less, worth less, voiceless, defenseless, powerless, we are tired and hungry, thirsty, ready,

anxiously waiting.
We are ready for justice
to win a round. Now.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018


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