Search for the Beautiful

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Originally Posted: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Search for the beautiful

On this cold, gray day
when the dog smells like, well, wet dog,
and the news reeks of children bombed
and the massacre of safety nets and medical care,
the computer digs in its heels and mail brings yet another rejection,
and it feels as if goodness has died,
do not give in to despair, instead,
look hard, no, harder,
for the beautiful,
the pinprick of blossoms peeking out of their rainlogged hiding place,
the leaves, bowing in the wind,
forming a pattern that speaks of change blowing through.
The heat kicks in and reminds you that you are dry and warm,
supported by places and spaces, centuries of writers, poets, and mystics,
deep thinkers and carers and lovers,
people who searched for the beautiful in the everyday and all too ordinary
pain and tragedy and disappointment and loss.
The raindrops dance with the leaves.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2017


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