Babies in Diapers

In the holiday visit afterglow,
coffee in hand and toys strewn about like clothes after a torrid affair,
I savor the memory of warm bodies and wide smiles,

My heart breaks for babies in diapers
saturated with tear gas,
placeless and homeless,
facing off against closed boundaries and coldness of heart,

sticky hands, joyous squeals, and exuberant explosions of love.
Arms open wide to welcome warmth, protected bodies,
novel experiences excitement,
fears and tears dried with kisses and safety of home.

facing the slap of hostility, sting of rejection, again,
hatred spewed like water from fire hoses,
fears realized, naked vulnerability, 
desperation, no help, no heart.

Hold onto tiny fingers, hands grasping, ecstasy of love and baby talk.

Hand clutching arms, running, explosions behind, screams of terror and nowhere to turn,

Babies in diapers sprayed with tear gas.

Tears abound.


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