Longest Night of the Year

Longest night of the year,
black sky and pelting rain,
asphalt dark save for reflections of red brake lights,
distorted view for a missing faith,
blackness, glare advancing.

Reason and rumination
cannot fix the pain, navigational lostness,
neon confusion and searching for a sign that means something.
Needs pull at me and I just need
a clear night vision.

Twinning light and dark,
life and death of the soul,
joy and sorrow squeezing out the breath,
light reflections through eyes wet with tears,
distorted view and broken heart.

Waiting for the magic,
mystery encounter, manifest love,
light in the mind before the heart,
see the center in your mind,
extraordinary thinking for your ordinary life.

Slowness and silence
and permission to sit, sojourn in the mess,
sleeping dog at your feet,
pay attention to the wisdom of the blowing breeze,
browning grass and bird songs.


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