Prayer (Haibun)

Uneven, unsteady,
unbalanced, where is the 
line between prayer and

I hope that line is on the side of protective bubbles of love energy surrounding you.

where is the line between praying for your safety, well-being, heart space,
and sprinkling fairy dust into the air?

I don’t cry but if
I did I would cry until
there were no more tears

left to cry.

Prayer for freedom song,
love song, song of innocence,
song of joy, I pray

your desires include yourself, let you escape your past, let you close the gap between pain and contentment, fear and delight. I pray you find the threshold and cross it. I pray you see what you can become, the beloved child you are, and the love you have waiting for you.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018


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