Wonder (Haibun)

Originally Posted 2/17/2018

Wonder (Haibun)

8 degrees -- a temperature so cold even the heat pump stays cold. Although it is hard to leave the warm bed, it isn't at all hard to leave town for the warmer Arizona climate.

The airport is the usual holiday crowded, and the flight-- sold out seats, tattooed man next to me spitting what I hope is chewing tobacco in a bottle he pulls out for that purpose -- is cattle-car friendly.

"I want to make marks on paper that change people's lives," I think as I sit in a pondering mood.

Stifled breath and stale
air, coughed-up germs, bathroom lines,
price to pay, warm hands.

The leftover chicken and pork I surreptitiously nibbled on earlier in the flight isn't sitting well in my stomach and I am ready to arrive.

Actually, I've been ready to arrive for a long time, maybe my whole life.

tattooed man, seasick captain,
me--arriving soon.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018


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