(ORIGINALLY POSTED 5/15, 5/16, AND 5/17)


I'm a night person. I like the dark--its stillness, coolness, taking the pause to be cognizant of my rest,

pinpricks of light in
the night sky and my mind, slow,
sharpen the senses.

Darkness comes in many forms these days and sometimes it's hard to see those pinpricks of light. Amid

the news reports of
mean-spirited conduct and
indifferent acts, how

did we come to this, I wonder, this time

of evil triumphs,
and my heart hurts, and worries.
I look for escape

from the feelings of helplessness, despair, wonder at how low human beings can go and at the impotence that overwhelms good people, at the pull to hate the haters and descend to their darkness, to close your eyes and pretend you don't hear the cries of the walking wounded.

How can you know this
and how can you love the this
you know, honor all

life, perhaps it is time to let the sun shine in the corners of darkness, light of love,

overwhelm the hate
with joyful exuberance
and courageous love.

Let the sun warm your face; look for the birds and the blossoms; renew in the darkness but be ready to spring forth when the time is right, when you are strong and fierce and you hear the battle cry of hope,

finally time to act.
Look--the pinpricks of kindness
light the darkness. Dance

the dance of sadness, anxiety, overwhelm. Remember you are solid and soft, strong. Hold on. Welcome the winter's sadness, let it build up inside of you, hold the pain--the inspiration it provides and the discomfort in the moment.


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