Lead me to Love (Haibun)

Returning home, led
by clear stars in the night sky,
transform, change your heart,

lead me to love, your stories of love; tell me the story of David's love for Bathsheba, he so loved he set her free.

Tell me how the disciples believed the word of Mary and Mary, in love; the diversity of Mary and Martha, loved; how Adam -- the first man -- appreciated the untamed wildness of woman. Tell me of voice for the poor, spontaneous compassion; midnight vigils of love, healing, in hospital rooms, offering hands and health, in love; how pharaoh's daughter rescued and loved and returned Moses to his mother, in love;

tell me of children released from cages and fed and warmed, in love.

Sing me lullabies
of love; old stories made new,
how love conquers all.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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