Paradoxes of Life (Sonnet)

(Originally Posted on 1/23/2018):

Paradoxes of Life (Sonnet)

Rain always washes, it also refreshes,

and cold skies bring out the most brilliant of stars.

Despite mountains of effort, this moment too passes;

the progress you've made feels so very far.

Life is a paradox of presence and stillness,

forward momentum and passage of time.

Savor these moments and bear to their witness,

like breath, they peak in life's uphill climb.

Planting and fruiting, the harvest progresses

while seeds germinate in the soil below.

Darkness and thunder belie these successes

but stillness of air brings a fresh outlook now.

The trek to the future cannot be undone

as the sun warms the heart in this new morn begun.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018


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