Seasons of Life (sonnet)

Originally posted 1/25/2018

Revised 1/30/2019

Seasons of Life (sonnet)

The full moon peeking behind the trees on
a cold cold night, The ladybug gliding
across the smooth windowpane, light of sun
on its belly; the wind, gold leaves blowing.

The smell of late fall, decaying leaves crunch
underfoot in the silence of the night,
tall oaks, gold and brown in the day, now much
gray in the inky sky, touch the moon, flight

of sparrow at noon, time to soar, seasons
of life, movement, let go of yesterday's
dreams, and change, read the signs in the heavens.
Go, open your heart to find your new way.

Warm sun, winter's day, unexpected joy,
white cotton candy clouds, a deep blue sky.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018


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