Communion of the Body (Sonnet)

Originally posted 4/8/2018

Revised 1/30/2019

Communion of the Body (Sonnet)

Embodied speech, community of saints,

touch of bread in hand, taste of wine on tongue,

re-membering, re-entering, restraint,

holding on, healing, with the power of one.

Welcome cosmic wholeness, my holiness,

sunlight shining, cold and warmth, warming heart,

Rest into the mystery, haziness,

dark and light, sparkling leaves, magical, art.

Begin the walk; the guidance will appear,

pinprick answers, the edge of consciousness,

of your wildness, wilderness, now, here,

body's truth, move through the experience.

Reflection, voice, laughter, circle closing,

cleansing, embracing, wintry green's knowing.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2018


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