In the Light of the Sliver of the Moon (Sonnet)

In the light of the sliver of the moon,
comfort from its hazy glow, eerie trace
of vapor sky bound, vastness, stars full bloom
and silence, breathless silence, in this place.

Joyful, rapt attention, the sky consumes
me; stillness, stillness, air in time and space.
I grasp the darkness, wraps me like a womb;
The blackening night surrounds me in embrace.

Blood red and wounded, pain, collective pain,
the weeping wails cry out into the night.
In the silence, agony of heartstain
pierce the peace, unsettled, 'til morning light.

They'd fill an ocean, tears we all have shed.
No one has peace in shadows of the dead.

© Christine S Davis, 2019


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