Look!: A Sonnet for a Country in Need (sonnet)

Originally posted on 11/14/2017

Look!: A Sonnet for a Country in Need (sonnet)

The need! The need! Engulfs your perfect view;

Burning flash of death abounds the air. See

the thund'ring crashing rain, the flooding l'ee.

The next storm spots a glimpse ahead of you.

The need is great; I spot the helpers few.

The muck is rising, clinging to your knees,

the devastating sight is staggering --

it's really hard to glimpse just what to do.

Focus your vision on the hazy hue,

your world, surrounded by humanity;

the helpless, homeless, hungry, are your cue;

like rushing thunder rain the human pleas.

The price for your long life has now come due.

Stranded among our shared identity.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2017


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