The Body of the Moon (Sonnet)

Sunsets and dreams and secrets of the night,
hazy mauve and gray watercolor sky.
Painting pictures in your head, full moon light,
squinting, reading messages from on high.

Ponder, wonder, which is wrong, which is right,
dimly rememb'ring , dreaming, as you try
to see the love, lost, shining in the bright
body of the moon, nightly lullaby.

Thoughts and feelings wax and wane, in darkness,
ephem'ral luster hides behind the clouds.
Oh, lucent moon, fire up this harshness,
this world, this life, both evil, good, endowed.

She's silent, moon, for such a brightly shine,
yet, her specter illuminates my mind.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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