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Liminal Spaces and Times (Petrarchan Sonnet)

Here is the who I am; this is where you are, and this is the way it is between us. You're stuck in the now, an unforeseen future awaits. Dreams escape, overdue, and left behind is a life you outgrew long ago. You feel your world's a machine, tracking steadily toward places unseen. Only way forward is probably through the jungle, jumble, thicket of longing, desires for what you don't know. Finger- painted future; impressionist delight. How long until that sense of belonging? Lost in timelessness forever; linger; you now have fewer years to get it right. © Christine Salkin Davis, 2019

Breath Sonnet

Breathe in the sun's light shining, singing birds, illuminating high and bright, unfold. Breathe out the cobwebs of your mind, the words that hurt, these words cry out to be untold. Breathe in exploded cherry blossoms, blurs the sky with puffs of white, a beauty bold. Breathe out the chill of darkest night, the stirs of restless sleep and dreams disturb the cold. Breathe in the joy of star-specked sky, a moon's full glow to brighten corners of the night. Breathe out frustration, fear, that sense of doom. Send out forgiveness, love, to make it right Breathe in the parted storm, the lightened load. Breathe out the lost, the unfamiliar road. © Christine Salkin Davis, 2019

Blank Verse Sonnet

Dear one to whom I pray, effervescent tree of life. Drifting to sleep, I float in turquoise sea, a hanging moon, blue sky falls. Purple, orange, sky afire sunset, three-quarter moon so bright behind the trees. Long month of rain and bird song morn, your voice an echo to my past, shadows falling. Bursting lungs search for the surface, failing. She spoke her fears, silence breaking, courage speaking, wisdom searching, sacrificing much. As hunting witches settles boundaries, violations punished; killing persists. Lovebursts. From apathy to empathy, your buds unfold, becoming who you are. © Christine Salkin Davis, 2019

May Be (Sonnet)

Maybe that free-fall sensation is you floating in the ocean, love, divine, hold. Maybe in the darkness is the way through, releasing your fears to lighten the load. Cleansing power of the dark of the moon, you're under its spell, dark night sky, and cold. Bright white stars, pinpricks in velvety view, glimpses, shining radiantly and bold. Maybe when you're lost, you can find yourself. Maybe you can love the chaos when your  barking dog settles down and all is well. Maybe you can break the surface, breathe air. Welcome your ashes, wounded deity, be where you are, then be where you will be. © Christine Salkin Davis, 2019

The Rain Stops (Sonnet)

The rain stops and it's time to raise your eyes above the bad news headlines, clouds weeping, waiting, waiting, waiting, for bluing skies, seeds to sprout. The birds and I are singing in the clearing air. You can clear your mind, too, disengage from the stories keeping you tied to the administration's lies, angry responses, and despair creeping in your heart. Love, blossoms, germinating under darkness, now reaching to the light, rock foundations, knowledge terminating. Trust the voice within; new wisdoms take flight, and you follow them as far as your fears. Rest yourself in sun's shadows; dry your tears. © Christine Salkin Davis, 2019

Sacrifice (Sonnet)

If you want to give up something for Lent, try giving up your front-of-line status, privilege. Perhaps you can put a dent in marginalization, hiatus of poverty. Compassion is the rent we pay for living in this world, gratis breaths and all. Just to give one damn, decent care for others sharing this space. That is not much to ask. Robot doctors giving bad news. Really? Maybe in the darkness is the way through; the spell of the cleansing power of the dark of the moon. Starkness and cold. Maybe when you're lost you can find yourself; free-fall sensation in your mind. © Christine Salkin Davis, 2019