Breath Sonnet

Breathe in the sun's light shining, singing birds,
illuminating high and bright, unfold.
Breathe out the cobwebs of your mind, the words
that hurt, these words cry out to be untold.

Breathe in exploded cherry blossoms, blurs
the sky with puffs of white, a beauty bold.
Breathe out the chill of darkest night, the stirs
of restless sleep and dreams disturb the cold.

Breathe in the joy of star-specked sky, a moon's
full glow to brighten corners of the night.
Breathe out frustration, fear, that sense of doom.
Send out forgiveness, love, to make it right

Breathe in the parted storm, the lightened load.
Breathe out the lost, the unfamiliar road.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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