A New Doxology (Sonnet Haibun)

Delight in the be-
ingness, endless foundation;
the grandeur of space;

the love manifest
and the Wisdom immortal,
expansive, from all

time, and to all time,
in the now and the then, here,
there, and everywhere.

The cardinals, stately, wingspan soaring,
bird calls in the distance and setting sun,
clouds drifting north in the never-ending
sky, wishing moon and blue beyond and on.
The body knows the strength found in suff'ring,
the allure of fate, and the pain undone.
The heart has her reasons, moonlight shining.
Love stopping time; innocence on the run.
The sounds of wind through trees, and birds, and pink,
beyond the purple gray floating skyward.
The source and wellspring of all Mother love,
passionate patience and great Cosmic wink,
intuitive knowing that transcends words,
beyond time, beyond space, below, above.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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