Two Days after the School Shooting

How can rustling trees dance their wild dance,
shimmering leaves and birdsong symphony;
how can sunshine in the sky take a chance,
When not yet buried in the grave is he?

How can the butterfly, fly so carefree,
How can the trees still stand and earth still turn,
How are clouds afloat ‘cross the sky, lazy,
When the mourners have not begun to mourn?

Why don't meetings, work, and email, adjourn?
I need some space and time to pause today.
I'm drowning in emotions and concerns.
I need to not have to know what to say.

I do know I will have to find a way,
But I'm a little raw right now to start.
So can't I wait until a better day?
I skinned my knee only it was my heart.

Corruption proliferated and greed’s
the new normal; not sure how to proceed.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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