I Wish for you a Love That Takes Your Breath Away (Sonnet)

I wish for you a love that takes your breath away. 
On you to shine the morning sun; the birds to sing 
for you. I wish much happiness for you today.
I wish the rainy sky much flowers to you bring,

so many that they form your favorite bouquet.
I wish you find the lovely life you want; take wing,
explore, and love yourself; your beauty heart, the way
your blushing skin and sparkling eyes in joy forth spring.

Ignore the insults, threats, indifferent stares, I pray - 
small men who make you feel like objects or playthings,
possess you not, do not control your fate. Inveigh
against their caustic scorn; there is no need to cling

to them; I wish you truly knew what you are worth.
I wish you million tons of happiness on earth. 

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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