Morning Lullaby (Spenserian Sonnet)

Yesterday, raindrops pocked the ground, puddles
pooling, white blossoms turned amphibious.
Birds hopped from branch to branch, dry, they huddled
under leafy limbs, high, oblivious.

Today, bird song morning, vociferous
fly, silence punctuated, calm disturbed.
Human-nature struggle, insidious,
but the breeze blows, and my peace is preserved.

The owl hoots, but she's no response returned.
The rhododendron blossom fades away;
her petals peaked; flowers on ground interred.
Woods after rain departs; you know the way

the musky smells mingles with sunshine. Shy,
light looks in; chirps, the morning lullaby.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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