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Sit, and savor,
breeze and breath,
bees and bird song symphony,
flower blossoms dancing to the wind,
skies of blue and warmth of sun on skin.

Leaping from stardust to stardust,
sometimes the in-between drop to earth
is a free-falling sensation;
boundaries snapping back in place,

Galaxy spirals, centrifugal force,
keep your eyes on the light of the moon.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019

Threshold Crossings

Threshold crossings, black full moon, and autumn
sun on golden leaves, new worlds unfolding,
dawn arises. Energy from bottom
of the earth to skyward, white dots floating
past. It's transcendent magic, space and time,
above the clouds, and soaring, is sublime.

The drop to earth, reality resigned,
but momentary pause to feel the grass
on skin, the flowers reaching for sunshine,
their scent, the hummingbirds and honeybees
to see, to hear the bird song symphony,
blue sky above, white puffy clouds, coffee

on lips and warm; things that make me happy.
Deadlines, inclines, the caution signs, decline
the darkness vortex, just let all things be.
To touch the breeze, to breathe, the turn is mine,
feels out of place, the journey was humbling.
Sometimes courage comes from fear and stumbling.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019

The Sound of a Resting Place (Sonnet)

Cooing birds and rustling leaves, the sound of
a resting place. Be still and hear the voice
of nature calling. Light from sun above
shines on my face; a leaf floats, grateful choice
to soak in the scent of fall, the patois
of the universe, connection between.
The silence leads you to wonder and awe,
the space of messages felt but unseen.
Clear the clutter, listen to the whispers
on the breeze, they call to you, me, here we
find our home, entangled are the whimpers
of the world with our souls, but can you see
the seasons changing, moonrise in darkness,
life in decay, transformation from rest?

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019

Morning Musings

I wonder what it would be like to be
a bird, sing all day, soar where you want? I
watch the cardinal flutter in for a
landing, her red wings a blur. The blue jay
follows, then the hummingbird next, her green
feathers shining in the sun. Off they fly
and for a few moments the silent day
relaxes me. I'd like to fly away,
safe on the currents of the wind, the trees
distant dots below, white clouds passing by,
punctuated by light from the sun's rays,
as stresses exhilaration allays.
On this morning, I'm feeling so carefree.
I smile, and in contentment, I sigh.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019

Changing Seasons

Season's changing; feel it in the air.
The fiery heat of summer's finally broken
through; the sky a muted pastel, softened
blue and white; a morning lately rare.

The greens on greens are giving way to gold,
and red and orange surely close behind.
Revolving earth, evolving life, be bold
to grow yourself, for growing you will find

a world beyond. What if the sun refused
to yield to rain, or winter in her sameness
settled in? What if the sky a grayness
overtook, rainbow's colors left unused?

Birdsongs float on morning breeze, and cricket
symphony. Sunspots pierce the wooded thicket.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019