Threshold Crossings

Threshold crossings, black full moon, and autumn
sun on golden leaves, new worlds unfolding,
dawn arises. Energy from bottom
of the earth to skyward, white dots floating
past. It's transcendent magic, space and time,
above the clouds, and soaring, is sublime.

The drop to earth, reality resigned,
but momentary pause to feel the grass
on skin, the flowers reaching for sunshine,
their scent, the hummingbirds and honeybees
to see, to hear the bird song symphony,
blue sky above, white puffy clouds, coffee

on lips and warm; things that make me happy.
Deadlines, inclines, the caution signs, decline
the darkness vortex, just let all things be.
To touch the breeze, to breathe, the turn is mine,
feels out of place, the journey was humbling.
Sometimes courage comes from fear and stumbling.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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