Encorcelled (Found poem sonnet)

Enchanted evenings and shifting signs,
full moon to new and cloud-shrouded stars,
primal night pulsing with passion, pain,
and the deadly silence of the hours.
Left are lingering leaf marsecence,
and their earthen decaying remnants.

Watercolor wash morning, loved one
lost, found, and secrets revealed, false starts,
surrender anger and uselessness,
radical changes wait in the dark.
Like earthenware shards, so grobian;
dark shadows beckon utopian.

Voices confuse, distract, searching for
reminder, happy memories of
distant past, fading fast, in the dark
defy, commit. Take a stand for love.
Take a stand for that which encorcells;
like in bird in your hand gently held.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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