Memories and Anniversaries

Sometimes you're caught in a riptide of grief
and the waves threaten to pull you under.
Sometimes you look at the veins on a leaf
and it fills you with a sense of wonder,
the sun dazzling off fall's golden leaves,
when shadows lengthen and darkness deceives.

When you're caught in that moment when fall turns
to winter, trees bare before the first snow,
the bleakness of browns and your heart simply yearns
for some color to break up the fallow.
In the pause you await, the darkness speaks;
the voices of the night are what you seek.

The moon is full tonight, so awaken,
welcome them, wisdom of the ancestors.
This, the hardest thing you've undertaken,
buried deep, your life-long longings, preserves.
The body, soul, and ground beneath your feet
hold the secrets in your body's heartbeats.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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