A Letter to the Holy

I sent a letter to the holy:
Holy one to whom I pray.
Who and where are you?
And why is grass green and not, say, red?
And why are people indifferent and cruel, even nice people,
and why is there hatred and war?
Why did Hitler last so long, and Trump,
and why Mitch McConnell and Franklin Graham?
Why are the mean people still walking around
and why are the dinosaurs not?
Why climate change and why free will
and why do we feel so lonely and restless much of the time?
What will it take for violence to end
and what will it take for me to be at peace with what happens, no matter what?
Why is the sun shining so bright when we are all just crying inside?

And the holy one sent me a reply:
'I love you.'

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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