Permission to Be

Today the door to your heart is jammed shut with stuff--
hoarded hurts and musty musts,
piled high with disappointments, boxes of not good enough,
perfectionist tendencies gone awry,
and those voices that overwhelm and pull you under.

The knocking is gentle but insistent and all you have to do to answer
is clean a path past the clutter,
let in light and love,
let go the past, release.

Windows warm, transform, in sunlight,
cobwebs become works of art,
and longings elevate the soul to sunrise beginnings.

Begin again in peace, not perfection,
and let the preciousness of life draw you out.
Momentary prayer and pause,
you see the door is open after all.
The wind blows in peace.

What does your heart need?
Rest. And permission to be.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2019


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