Thoughts and Prayers

I hope you are safe and healthy.
I hope you have a home to live in,
with WiFi, and people to talk to,
but not too many,
and I hope you have food
and are not too anxious
or depressed.

I hope you don't get sick and die.
I hope to stay at least two degrees away from death,
maybe three.

I hope I don't need my advanced directives,
but I got them out anyway
(oxygen okay, ventilator, no),
And I updated my will.
I hope you don't need it.

I am ordering everything online;
I hope you are, too,
and I hope you have a job
(and can work from home),
or money.
I hope you have a thermometer,
and Clorox wipes,
and plenty of toilet paper
and ice cream
and wine.

I hope you are safe and healthy.
Today I learned how to fold a bandana into a face mask.

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2020


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